Toofan Bikes


Most of the fire accidents in the Capital are caused by gas leakage or current short. Although the fire brigade team moves for the site within 1 minute of receiving calls, the traffic jam, unmanaged wires and narrow roads delay the operation travel resulting in more damage than anticipated. The concept of Fire Bike was introduced to mitigate these problems of fire control and rescue and to combine the fire brigade operation with latest technology. Fire control and rescue in itself is a complicated process; furthermore, it is even difficult to collect all the equipment’s needed for it. Adhering to the fact that it is not possible to solve all the problems of Fire control and rescue by the government itself, the Fire Bikes have come into prominence with the collaboration of government and private sectors.

The sincere support that Hansraj Hulaschand and Co has given to the Fire Brigade department for Fire control and rescue operation is very commendable. If all the corporate houses come together and to support one disaster management department every year, as a part of their corporate social responsibility, the departments could at least be self-dependent on the equipment’s. The Kathmandu Fire Brigade office is planning to conduct volunteer fire control and rescue training to manage the disaster in time of emergency. The manpower of the Fire Brigade department is not strong enough to tackle multiple cases of Fire control and rescue operation at the same time. The volunteers can help in such time of need.