Traffic Bikes


The increasing traffic flow in the country is quite evident everywhere and the troublesome traffic trauma. Traffic Police has been taking several measures to control these problems and has been organizing vivid programs – from training the traffic police to educating the public regarding safety and precautions required, while on the road. The systematic traffic regulation is must for the public safety and convenience. This fact has been accepted by even the major companies of the country. In order to aid the easy flow of traffic we came upfront as the pioneer in this social initiative.

We have been involved in various educational programs to the traffic and giving continuity to this noble initiative, Bajaj motorcycles has also been aiding the traffic by providing motorbikes. Bajaj Motorcycle had supported the Q.R.T. (Quick Response Team) of Kathmandu Valley by providing 6 Pulsar motorbikes. These motorbikes of the Quick Response Team are being facilitated in the easy regulation of traffic in those areas of Kathmandu Valley, where traffic levels are very high. Extending this moral cause to regional level too, Bajaj Motorcycle has also provided the Regional Traffic Police of  Itahari with 3 Bajaj Pulsar 180cc Motorcycles ,one 180cc Bajaj Pulsar to District Traffic Police Office-Chitwan, 2 Bajaj Pulsar 180cc to Regional Traffic Police of Butwal, One 180cc Bajaj Pulsar to Kaski Traffic Police Office-Pokhara. In continuation to this, Mr. Iccha Man Buddhacharya authorized dealer of HH Bajaj handovered one 180cc Bajaj Pulsar to Kaski Traffic Police Office-Pokhara on 24th Chaitra 2067.

The Executive Director of Hansraj Hulaschand and Company, Mr. Shekhar Golcha addressed this social initiative as "We intend to continue our help to the Traffic Police of Nepal as helping the traffic is a responsibility of every civilian." We had supported the traffic by providing 17 Pulsar motorbikes until today at Metropolitan and Regional level where they are being utilized effectively. To disintegrate this support throughout Nepal, Hansraj Hulaschand and Company has provided one motorcycle for Makawanpur Traffic Office on Sunday, January 11th 2015. Hansraj Hulaschand and Company would expand this program further in future and would continuously assist the Traffic Police to build a better system in traffic.