Earthquake Relief Program


The main objective of this Program was to reach the epic earthquake effected Bajaj customers directly and resolve the issues quickly. It was basically launched to help Bajaj Customers whose vehicle was damaged during devastating quake of 12th Baisakh and massive aftershock of 29th Baisakh 2072. The program was already launched before massive aftershock but we included the victim’s vehicle of the aftershocks too.

The campaign was launched by giving information on different national daily newspaper. Toll free numbers and Facebook links were provided on newspaper for easiness of customers so that customers can do enquiry and can gather information about process of repair.

The campaign was launched on daily newspaper and social site from 10th May 2015 (Baisakh 27, 2072) to 18th May 2015 (Jestha 1, 2072). As calls were still coming from customers, we extended one day registration for customers on Sunday also. We had published information on and about the program. Online forms were provided on and The customers who were user friendly with internet filled the form with detail of bikes such as Name of customer, contact number, location of incident happened, estimated damaged parts, nearest dealership etc. Those customers who were not user friendly were assisted to fill the form by nearest dealerships and HH Bajaj Staffs. This completed the registration of customers to program.

The customers were then called by HH Team to bring the bike to HHBajaj Workshops along with different dealers such as Gongabu, Kumaripati, Kalanki, Thimi, Bhaktapur, and Balaju. Service Advisors made the quotation of bike in the presence of HH team. The quotation made were approved by HH team and the repair process started on that bike. Different documents such as driving license, blue book, quotation and original job cards were collected with final invoice where individual files were maintained for each bike of the customer.